Welcome to the 2015/2016 Marbletown School Year. I am so excited to see returning families and new families including the families that I have met over the years teaching story hours at the library! Wow, time flies!! I am proud to be a parent of children in Marbletown and value our community.

The PTA has an exciting year ahead of us filled with activities and events for all of our children. Our goal is to enrich and enhance our children’s lives and we strive to do the best we can to do that. As parents, our children are our focus and the PTA is committed to our children, families and community first and foremost! 

An effective and successful PTA requires support and involvement of the parents of our students. Participation in our numerous events and programs that we have planned throughout the year is vital to our success of offering enrichment to our children.

Choosing to become a committee chair, committee member and/or a volunteer at an event will be greatly appreciated. Even if you do not have time to attend the PTA meetings, your specific talent, skill, ideas and time are truly needed. There are endless possibilities you can help. I, personally, joined the PTA as a committee chair to become involved in the school as much as I possibly could. I didn’t feel as I had any expertise to offer, but I ended up running kitchen fundraising events and have made the food/kitchen sales some of the biggest fundraising events of the years.

We have parents who are able to offer their hobby, craft or job skill to every event, from DJ’ing to soap making to fundraising to decorating a success. 

One of our major goals this year is to communicate all activities and going-ons as much as possible. The best way for us to do this is via our website: You may sign up for our newletters, sign up for volunteering at an event, and join the committees at any time. 

We are also have a Facebook page, so make sure to drop by and give us a “Like.”

The PTA Board is an amazing group of local parents who feel strongly about enhancing the activities of our children. Whether it be a Valentines Dance or an outdoor Movie Night on the lawn or an outing to a local theatre for a show during the day, we are dedicated to finding ways to use our fundraised monies to enrich our children’s lives. We also submit many grants to help offset the costs of our activities. The ideas come from parents, so if you have any ideas to submit, please join us.

We welcome you at the PTA meetings, events and websites. Please reach out to any board member for information and we hope to see you soon!

Amy Dunphy
Marbletown Elementary School PTA President


Amy Dunphy

Vice Presidents:
Arnell Tuttle
Katy Weber

Heather Long

Corresponding Secretary:
Megan Kizskiel

Recording Secretary:
Priscilla McMahon

If you have any questions or suggestions for the MES PTA, please reach out to us or attend the monthly MES PTA meetings. We welcome new faces and we love new ideas. 

The strength of our PTA comes from our volunteers.
Please consider volunteering.

Best regards,
Bookmark this website for future reference and remember to like us on Facebook.

Below are descriptions of selected committees and events of the MES PTA. If you have any questions or would like to join a committee or volunteer for an event, please feel free to email the MES PTA president.
We would appreciate having your help!


Arts Committee
Chair: Dave Bowers

The MES Arts Committee is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment, appreciation, participation and knowledge of the arts. We try to foster a creative environment to include the performing, literary and visual arts. Local artists from all venues are sourced from our surrounding community and families to teach our students and children what they love to do. The Arts Committee decides on the programs for the year and holds various fundraisers to support the programming.

Fundraising Committee 
Chair: Tara Clark

This committee provides guidance on standards for PTA fundraising, including selecting appropriate activities, seeking corporate sponsorship, and understanding the legal implications of fundraising.

Membership Committe
Chair: Mary Schoonmaker

The membership committee is responsible for developing recruitment and retention strategies, collecting and tracking membership dues, distributing membership cards and encouraging online card activation and providing membership reports.

Budget Committee
Chair: Heather Long

The budget committee has the responsibility of developing a budget for the PTA. The budget is an outline of estimated income and expenses for the year.

Wellness Committee
Co-Chairs: Arnell Tuttle & Megan Kiszkiel

Provides information and education to students, parents, and staff regarding the benefits and values of a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as the means to attain them. The committee will serve as a source of information for the Marbletown Elementary School Community and a leader in these efforts in the Rondout Valley School District.

Garden Committee
Chair: Sara Greco

The overall mission of the garden committee is to facilitate garden education at MES while creating an opportunity for experiential outdoor education. The Garden Group meets in May & June and is open to students in grades K-3. Students work in the school’s garden learning about planting and maintaining a garden.

Yearbook Committee

The annual MES yearbook illustrates the important part each child plays in the community of their school. This committee helps to plan, sell, design and distribute this annual keepsake.


Don't forget to save your Box Tops, Campbell's Labels, old cell phones, PDA's and Ink/Laser Cartridges to earn cash for our school. They can all be dropped off at the front office or sent to school in your child's backpack. Please contact Tara Clark @ with any questions.