Marbletown Elementary School News

Marbletown Elementary School News
Posted on 04/01/2019
newsMarbletown Elementary School Newsletter – April 1, 2019
April is Abilities Awareness Month
Dear Marbletown Families:  

Educating all children in a supportive and positive environment is a priority. As such, we are pleased to announce Marbletown Elementary School’s annual Abilities Awareness Month. This month we seek to promote respect and understanding for differences among all of our students and teachers. Ability Awareness Month is our opportunity to open conversations about differing abilities among individuals and dispel myths and stereotypes. It is our opportunity to communicate that we are all capable of different skills and, with these differences, we are more alike than different. 

We will have daily morning messages, as well as classroom discussions, activities and presentations. Additionally, physical education activities will be modified to promote awareness of individuals with special needs. 
Some things that you can do at home to promote respect for all individuals include:
Understanding your child’s curiosity about (dis)abilities and the people who have them. 
Talking about “abilities” rather than “disabilities.” “Ability = the power to do something. We all have the ability to something. What can you do? We are all working to improve. What are you working to become better at doing? 
Speaking up when negative words or phrases are used about people with varying abilities. 
Starting a conversation about the value of differences. You might ask, “How are we different? How are we the same? What would happen if we were all the same?” 
Emphasizing all strengths. Let your children hear you talk about the things of which you are proud. Encourage them to recognize their strengths. This can be as easy as giving a compliment or verbal praise. 

“I want the whole world to see, not the difference, but the sameness of children with disabilities. Thank you for seeing children through the eyes of acceptance”.
-Cynthia Kidder.

Last year Abilities Awareness Month was fabulous thanks to the efforts of so many members of our faculty and staff. We are looking forward to doing it again this year. If you have any ideas that may enhance our focus on abilities, don’t hesitate to contact me (Mr. Davenport). Thanks! 

The Marbletown Special Education PTA Presents Wonder
In conjunction with Abilities Awareness Month, the newly formed Marbletown Special Education PTA proudly presents a showing of the movie Wonder this Saturday, April 6th at 3:30 PM at the Rosendale Theater. Admission and popcorn are free!! We look forward to seeing you there! 

1st & 2nd Grade Spring Concerts
The 2nd grade Spring Concert will be held Wednesday, April 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the Marbletown gymnasium. The 1st grade Spring Concert will be held Wednesday, May 24th at 6:00 p.m. in the Marbletown gymnasium. For both concerts, students should arrive at the school between 5:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.   
Mark Your Calendar!
We look forward to having you join us for upcoming events. Make sure to mark your calendar for the following dates: 
April 2: Marbletown PTA meeting, 6:00 PM, cafeteria. 
April 2 & 3: 3rd Grade Assessments 
April 3rd: Kindergarten Orientation and Open House, 5:45 PM, gymnasium 
We will do screenings for incoming Kindergarten students this month. Call the office for details.  
April 5th: End of 3rd quarter
April 10th: 2nd Grade Spring Concert, 6:00 PM, Marbletown gymnasium. 
April 13th: Spring Break Begins!  
April 24th:  1st Grade Spring Concert, 6:00 PM, Marbletown gymnasium.

Parents, it is a joy to work with your children. As always, thank you for your support!

Andrew Davenport, Principal